Blogging for Choice

When I got up this morning I noticed that a number of people Blogging for Choice. This is a topic that has come up lately, actually it came up at brunch yesterday. The topic has come up because I grew up in a province that does not have an abortion clinic. Now technically, you can get an abortion there *if* you can get two doctors to sign off on it and say it's medically necessary. It doesn't happen often.

I often wonder how many women's lives would be different there if they had the option. Teenage pregnancy isn't exactly rare in my hometown. There was a teen mothers group at my highschool. I graduated with someone who had three kids by the time she finished high school (I think she was 20 years old by that time).

My first year at university I lived in rez. Someone received their yearbook in the mail, which prompted everyone else to go dig out their yearbooks. There was another girl from my high school there as well. People looked at us like we were nuts as we flipped through the pages saying, "She was pregnant when we left. Do you know if she had the baby yet?", or "She has two kids", "They had a kid, it should be 2 now." Apparently it didn't really happen in there schools.

Within my own family, my mother was a teenager mother as were each of my two older sisters and many of my cousins. Most of them did not finish high school (my eldest sister had her son a few months after graduation). Today I am the only female in my extended family that doesn't have a child. My oldest nephew is a father (his daughter will be 3 in June - he's 21). The last time I spent the summer at how there was a 12 year old in my town that was pregnant.

I don't know what any of the women in my life would have done had they had a choice. But I sure wish they had the option to make that choice for themselves.

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