The Meaning of Wife

The Meaning of WifeI finally finished Anne Kingston's The Meaning of Life. I tend to read non-fiction much slower than I read fiction.

Let's just say this book doesn't make you want to run out and get married. Not that I ever really wanted to anyway. And not that it paints a wonderful picture of single life either (there's a chapter devoted to unmarried women - we are nicely called "unwives").

I was rather surprised that in her chapter on abused wives that she didn't mention Jane Hurshman. Perhaps she doesn't like the abused wives that go to jail and then get shot and killed after their release.

Although this book was only published in 2004 many of the pop culture references are now out of date. And there was that whole Pretty Woman thing.

I'm reminded of why I never took a women's studies class. As much as the topics interest me the writing drives me insane after awhile. And awhile is usually less than the length of one book.

Still love the cover though.