ACK! How did that happen???

Um remember that intervention I was talking about? help! I need one. You see I looked at my library request list and I was really high on the list for all these books so I just kept adding MORE!

I've been to the library *three* times this week to pick up books that have come in for me! Yikes! I've actually had to make a list of what I have out and go through the due dates and the number of holds to figure out what I can renew and what I can't. Let's just say I have *lots* of reading to do. All my books are due back between Jan 26th and Feb 10. Yes I realize that seems like a decent range but I have um 13 books to read. And I'm sure I'll have more to pick up soon.

I had been thinking about participating in the Knitting Olympics and even picked up a couple of copies of Vogue Knitting from the library but I don't think I'll have time to knit!!! At least not at the rate that I keep getting books.

So here's what I have to read and in the general order in which I plan to read them (changes may be made depending on mood):

  • The Meaning of Wife - Anne Kingston (about half done)

  • The Bronte Project: a novel of passion, desire and good PR – Jennifer Vandever (plan to start tomorrow while I'm out running errands)

  • Bread and Dreams: a novel – Jonatha Ceely

  • Breakfast with Tiffany: a memoir – Edwin Wintle

  • The Jane Austen Book Club – Karen Fowler Joy (might be able to renew so may move down the list next week...)

  • The House of Flowers - Charlotte Bingham (I'm pretty positive this can be renewed so will probably move down the list)

  • All for Love – Dan Jacobson

  • Nelcott is my darling – Golda Fried

  • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation – Lauren Willig (I so want to read this *now*)

  • The Story of a Life – Aron Appelfeld (can likely renew...may move down list)

  • The Curse of the Narrows – Laura M. MacDonald

  • A Complicated Kindness: a novel – Miriam Toews

  • The Greek for Love: a memoir of Corfu – James Chatto

This doesn't even take into consideration the books I bought online and the books I own but haven't read yet.

13 books - 21 days...I can do this right???