I was going to post these yesterday but I didn't feel like it.

1. I'll steal Young Anthony's resolution to floss more regularly.

2. Figure out my finances, which unfortunately means the yucky word BUDGET. I have horrible associations with the word budget. It reminds me of university. No matter what I did there was never enough money to go around (a bag of potato chips would break my "budget" back then...can it really be called a budget when there wasn't enough money to cover all expenses to begin with?). I'm working on it. I really need to start doing this soon though as I have a wedding in June and I'm planning to go home for a visit a week after it.

3.Continuing from the above...I need to pay down some debt.

4.DECLUTTER. I have too much stuff. Books that I don't need. Stuff that I don't use. I think that if I manage to declutter I'll do a better job of keeping my apartment tidy.

5.I plan to buy a futon early in the new year (hopefully by the end of January...there was a hitch in the plans due to the lost Christmas package which contained some cash that was supposed to go to this purpose). After that I want to work on making my apartment, my bedroom in particular, homey. I'm working on getting rid of that student-ish cluttered look.

6.Professionally I need to work on my portfolio. If my contract is renewed at my current job (or *gasp* if they offer me a full time permanent position) I need to seriously start looking into a program that I'm interested in. I know that I can take many of the courses online would be easier for me because of fluctuating work deadlines.

7. Meal plan...I need to work on this. Cause when I don't I tend to eat popcorn for dinner. Keep an eye on my food blog about this.

8. Oops! I forgot one! CALCIUM. I need to increase my calcium intake. Actually I need to get a calcium intake. Must remember to start taking my calcium pills!