Since it seems to be keep popping up…

Ok, this seems to be a rather frequent topic of conversation lately and apparently not something that many people knew about me. But now that more people have found out about it they seem to keep talking about it.

I don't really like chocolate.

Apparently this makes me weird.

Actually let me clarify - it's not that I don't like chocolate. Occasionally I really enjoy it. But the majority of the time if you give me the option of something that has chocolate and something that doesn't I'll take the thing that doesn't.

Example - a couple of months ago I was taken out for a yummy dinner at a nice little French bistro. The dessert course came round. Everyone else at the table got the flourless chocolate cake, which is a house specialty. Me? I got the homemade raspberry sorbet. It was excellent. But everyone thought I was nuts for not getting the cake.

Chocolate really doesn't tempt me. I can't explain why. I mean it's ok but I'd still take fruit over chocolate most days.

Maybe that makes me weird.

Fine then, I'm weird.