I hate it when I find mistakes in books. Really, I’m not that conscientious a reader. More often than not there can be editing mistakes or punctuation mistakes and I won’t notice. I hate when I find factual mistakes in books. It annoys me and it makes me wonder what the hell people were on when they were editing and fact checking.

I'm in the process of reading The Meaning of Wife.

Just so you know, in Pretty Woman Richard Gere was not driving a red Ferrari. It was a silver Lotus Esprit. The rest of the time they are in a limo.

(Yes I realize the fact that I know this is sad but umm we watched this movie at a lot of sleepovers...along with Cocktail...and I had a lot of procrastinating to do in university which was done with the help of a cheesy, escapist movie collection. Even if you haven't - it's on IMDB for crying out loud.)