Damn Cat!

So last night was I actually went to bed pretty early. I was in bed with a book a bit before 10 (I was bored, nothing good on TV, figured I might as well go to bed). Lights were off except my bedside lamp and a candle on the nightstand. Piper came to "cuddle" - that means that she came to stand beside me and head butt me until I pet her as she tries to climb onto my stomach and block my book. She hasn't gotten to the point where she sat down when I noticed that something smelled kinda bad. I look over and she'd been swinging her tail by the candle and almost set her damn tail on fire. "You're setting your tail on fire you stupid cat!" (She was fine by the way, she didn't actually set her tail on fire, just melted a bit of fur.)

I moved her to the end of the bed and she noticed the nasty smell but could not figure out where it was coming from. She stood and sniffed around moving to different areas of the room for at least 10 minutes. Everywhere she moved she could smell it. Um yes, Piper, that's because it's *you*. She eventually curled up at the bottom of the bed and forgot about it.

So I finished my book and turned off the lights around 11. Earliest I've been to bed in at least a week. Then at freaking 3:30am Piper wakes me up because there is "something" outside and she's having a damn fit. A fit that lasted a good 15 minutes. She was panting and huffing and pacing. Clawing at the window. Jumping down and jumping back up. Yelling at her didn't make her stop. I got back to sleep around 4. Stupid cat.

And just now as I was sitting here typing this she started digging at the front door making it rattle and making me think that someone was trying to get in to my apartment.

Damn cat.