Blahdy Blah

Bored, bored, bored.

What did I do all day? I played with a document in XML trying to get it to display right in a PDF. The tables are not being user-friendly. They like to split off and not have borders where they should. So I messed with forced line breaks. Then I composed a pdfs. Do you know how long it takes to compose a PDF with our program? At least 20 minutes. And then it would not be fixed and then I got to do it again and try something else.

Score at end of day:
Computer: 8
Very bored Karen: 0

But I'm looking forward to my dinner. Roasted turkey cutlets, dressing, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Oh and gravy, can't forget the gravy. I'm very tempted to run out and get some cranberry sauce but really I'd use about a tablespoon and then have to throw the rest away. Although I suppose I could keep it in the fridge until next week and then make something out of it with the porkchops I have in my freezer. Hmm yes, that sounds like an excellent plan.

To the batmobile! errr....wait I don't have a mobile of any sort. Bat shoes??? Oh and um...I should probably change out of my jammies, eh?