Trash Day

My neighbours are fucking disgusting.

Today is trash day. Most often by the time I get up in the morning one of the neighbours has already taken the trash to the sidewalk. Not today. The trash is is all piled up and half open and tons of small bags lying around in the walkway to the backyard. It was just plain gross. Yes, I did clean it up but it's the last time. I *don't* throw my trash out there. Occasionally I'll have enough trash that there that I have to put one small garbage bac (think kitchen cathcher size) in one of the *three* large garbage cans out there. Today all three of them were overflowing and there were three other disgusting garbage bags lying on the ground. I can't freaking figure out how the hell they generate so much garbage when we also have recycling and green bins (ok, ok, I know - they don't use the recycling or green bins). I actually had to come in a change my pants afterward. I really want to take another shower. yuck.

That's the last time I clean up their gross mess. Bleck.