Ok, *really* long day

I accidently posted this on my book blog first *blush*

What was *with* today? It was the longest day EVER!

It probably didn't help that I took lunch insanely early because I was supposed to have a 2 hour meeting during lunch. But due to um...technical...problems it didn't happen. But it took us 40 minutes to figure that out. And umm...yeah those of you who know what I do should know why that's so damned amusing.

Right now I should be on the bus on the way to the subway on the way to the store to buy stuff for the new apartment and go to the post office. But I'm really not in the mood to shop. Actually I'm just not in the mood to spend money. I want to hoard it! But I must go and I need to go sometime this evening because I need to mail stuff. I have to say I love that the post office is open until 9pm. Back home it closes at like 4 or something. I have to send some papers to work because the first time I sent them I put the date but forgot the year. *eyeroll* So I must sign them and send them back off.

Maybe I'll pick up a few groceries while I'm out as well. I need more cereal. I'm all out. You know, I never really used to be a big fan of cereal but I'm liking it lately. I blame Jon. He's been feeding it to me.

Ummm yeah, I'm just totally procrastinating now. But I don't wanna go. I wanna stay in and hide and not spend money. *pout* But technically I've already spent money because I made a Visa payment. Darn it!

Hmm maybe while I'm out I'll stop at Indigo and buy a nice trashy book. I will need something to read next Thursday night when I am celebrating my freedom from roomies by having a bubble bath. There will also be drink involved. I'm not sure what. I'll be making a trip to the LCBO on Thursday and whatever strikes me as yummy is what I will buy. It may be beer. It may be wine. It may be tequila that will be used to make margaritas. Ohhh I could make a whole pitcher of margaritas...oh wait. That would be bad. Yummy...but bad.