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7 Things I Plan to do Before I Die
- jump out of an airplane (with a parachute of course)
- go to Italy
- go to Paris
- design my own kitchen (I can hear Denise going fooooooooodddie)
- own property
- learn how to tango (lessons postponed again due to moving expenses, sigh)
- get another degree in something

7 Things I Can Do
- bake yummy bread
- eat, read and watch tv simultaneously
- make beaded wire jewelry
- knit
- read fast
- laze in bed and read for hours
- navigate a shopping mall

7 Things I Can't Do
- roll my tongue
- roll my r's
- play a musical instrument
- sing
- memorize things just by reading them
- keep on top of my laundry
- stop my cat from sleeping on whatever papers I need

7 Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex
- nice arms
- intelligence
- the ability to argue and listen to other peoples opinions and not dismiss them even though you disagree
- an adventurous spirit
- nice butt
- playfulness
- compassion

7 Things I Say Most Often
- Arg
- Shit
- Piper, no!
- Piper, stop that!
- Kitten! (yeah, I talk to my cat a lot, I work from home remember).
- Yay!
- Boo!

7 Celebrity Crushes
- Johnny Depp
- Heath Ledger
- Matthew McConaughey
- David Boreanez
- Taye Diggs
- Angelina Jolie (who doesn't have a crush on her?)
- Wentworth Miller (the guy from Prison Break)

7 People Who I Want to Do This Meme
- Kit-Cat
- Young Anthony
- Kyle
- TW
- Lee
- Ilan