Queen Bees and Wannabees

When I was reading Queen Bees & Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman I kept having horrible flashbacks to high school and junior high (junior high was way worse). To be honest I skimmed over a lot of the parenting stuff about when you should call the school and what to say to other parents, etc. I understand why it was so striking when it came out though. And why it spawned Mean Girls. Basically someone was telling the truth.

If nothing else it reminded me why most of my friends are guys. Guys are, and no offense fellows, far simpler than girls. Most of them don't have a secret agenda and if they do it's usually pretty simple to figure out - they wanna get in your pants. And that's easy enough to deflect.

It's the psychological warfare that women play with each other that it truly mind boggling. God I'm glad that I'm not a teenager any more. Not that all of this behavior stops when you grow older. It's still there. But you can generally distance yourself from it a lot easier (although it's really hard to do that when it crops up in your workplace, meh).

I'm looking for any and all suggestions on how I can get out of going to my high school reunion now. Maybe my friend and I can only show up to one organized thing and then hide out by her parents pool for the rest of the weekend? Although since her dad is now principal - I'm not sure how well that will work (that's also why we have to go - well technically only she has to go but I'm so not letting her go alone).

I could go into all the reasons why junior high and high school sucked but really, my experience wasn't that original. There were people who didn't like me, and no I don't know why although theories abound. I did my best to distance myself from them but in a small town it's not always easy. And yeah, I still carry baggage but I'm gradually lightening the load. The bags are lighter than they used to be.

I really don't get people who are nostalgic for high school. You couldn't pay me to go back to those times.