Lazy Sunday?

I wish it was a lazy Sunday. I do have quite a bit of crap to get done today. I need to finish unpacking stuff so that I can get all the boxes out in the recycling this week (recycling and trash alternate weeks). And I need to go to the grocery store. And the library. I have movies to watch.

The West Wing premieres tonight and I MUST watch. That was the worst part about not having cable - no West Wing. You see CTV used to air the West Wing. In fact they aired the season premiere last year but then didn't air another single episode. I was horrified. I discovered Television without Pity and that made my life margainally better. Thanks to my tech writing instructor I was able to see most of the first part of the season cause she taped them for a coworker and then passed them along to me. I was also able to console myself by renting the first two seasons on DVD. My former roomie (not one of the evil ones) went away for a weekend and I spent something like 26 hours that weekend watching the West Wing (all the episodes plus commentaries, etc I'm a sucker for DVD extras). It was awesome. And then I got the 3rd season on DVD for Christmas from Mike and Flash. I was able to see the rest of the season once I moved into the apartment from hell because there was cable there (a saving grace).

Now II've heard that Donna goes to Josh to beg for a job on the campaign. Booooo. Josh should be begging her to come work for him. hmph!

Oh and completely unrelated - yesterday Piper rediscovered the bathtub. She was in there playing for awhile yesterday afternoon. And then last night around midnight she was in there playing with the echoes and the shower curtain as I was trying to do yoga. So much for tranquility.