Not a good day today. Something is up at work. I won't go into details but I will say that my job is fine, I'm not being fired or anything but just a small detail that has me down. I don't know if it's the actual thing itself or what it represents. Or how it was handled. Or some combination thereof. But basically I'm bummed. I was supposed to run to the library tonight to return some books (some of which are late...) but it's so not gonna happen. It will have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday morning. I'm not in the mood to spend an hour on TTC each way.

In more positive news - CSI season premiere tonight. And Survivor. I missed the premiere last week because of the move.

I'm gonna make popcorn and read my Grace Harlowe book that finally arrived yesterday. :)

Ohhhhhhhh in good news I was able to me a reservation for tea for Lav and I on Saturday. I get to wear pretty girly things and silly shoes (ie heels). This is definately something to look forward too! Mmmm tea, scones, clotted cream...