Too much TV

Sigh. I had planned on going to the beach today. But that was before I realized how much work I had to do. Sigh. I ended up working until almost 7. Ok, I did work in front of the TV for an hour whil I watched Oprah but I was just fixing broken links so it wasn't something that I actually ahd to write. And Jon Bon Jovi was on Oprah. Yummy! And ya gotta like a guy who can give Oprah a check (from the entire band, not just him) for her Angel Network that makes her speakless. Bon Jovi (the band, not the man) gave her one million dollars for her Hurricane Katrina rebuilding project.

So at 8 there were *two* shows on that I wanted to watch. The Martha Apprentice show and the season premiere of America's Next Top Model. I mainly watched American's Next Top Model but flipped over to MA on the commercial breaks. I really can't handle too much Martha. Or the Apprentice for that matter. Too many people arguing. I did watch the last 5 minutes though because I wanted to know what Martha's firing phrase was. It was simply "you don't fit". It sucks. She needs to ask the Donald if she can borred his "You're Fired!" catchphrase.

ANTM - Nicole, AKA the beauty queen, annoys the piss out of me. But I think she pretty much annoys the piss out of everyone. I find the lesbian pretty annoying too. Sarah needs to work on walking in heels. I'm not really sure who I like yet. But what I really want to know is - why the hell do they have to scream so damned much? I wanted to smack them all.

Tomorrow - Survivor. Friday the season premiere of Numb3rs. :)