Bloody exhausted it more like it. I have no idea why. I went to bed at my normal time. I ate well yesterday. I ate well today. I have no energy to speak of. Maybe all this peacefulness of not having to deal with horrible roomies and their evil cats is exhausting me. ;-) Or maybe all the moving and unpacking from last week is catching up with me. Whatever it is, I do not approve! hmph!

Not much else going on. Lots of work to do this week. It would be must easier to do if I actually had some amount of energy. meh

I'm craving pie. I'm not generally a pie person. I usually prefer cake. But I could totally murder a pie of coconut cream pie right now. I have nothing sweet in the house. I'm considering making pudding but I don't have any bowls. I figure I could make it in my deepdish pie plate. lol