Shacking Up

I mentioned this book awhile ago wondering why the heck no one had bought Shacking Up by Stacy Whitman and Wynne Whitmann for me before. You all know I needed it.

Ok, I'll be honest. I didn't read the whole thing. But it is one of those books that makes it really easy to skip and skim through it. I have to say, the authors make some really good points about all the *wrong* reasons that people move into together. I must confess - I've been those wrong reasons. Surprise, surprise that it didn't work out well. lol

Great points on why it's not wise to combine *all* your money. At the same time they do take the time to point out how a shared household account can be useful. Lots of talk about the dangers of buying joint items like couches etc.

They really push the talking about all aspects of things, especially finances and where you want the relationship to go, before you take the plunge. And, very important here, about getting things in writing. Yes, that's right - just like a business agreement.

I think it would be a great book for university-age students. Or someone like me who should have had it years ago. Especially if you give it to someone *before* they firmly decide to move in-together. I believe that I will send a copy to my chickie at some point. I'm not sending it immediately as her relationship just ended. That would just be mean.