Sigh, damn cat!

So Piper has decided that the boxes are a wonderful thing and she's using them as her personal jungle gym. It's not so bad because most things are unpacked now. But she's using the ones on the dresser to vault into the window. Which means I won't be able to really put anyting on top of the dresser because she'll knock it over. She's already dumped a bunch of stuff on the floor. I really can't keep her from going up there because it's the only one that she can really reach. A the moment she's on the bed looking up at it longingly. I do feel a wee bit bad because she's gone from huge windows that looked at trees, and therefore birdies, to itty-bitty ground level windows that don't do much for stimulation (or daily mutilation fantasies which is what I'm convinced she's having when she looks at birds). But the toss off is that she doesn't have to deal with evil cats and I don't have to deal with awful roomies so it's all good.

And this is all after I stepped in cat puke on my way to the bathroom this morning.

Why do I love this fur-creature so much again???