Heaven, I'm in foodie heaven...

I went to the St. Lawrence Market today with the sole purpose of buying produce. I may have gotten a wee bit carried away. lol First off I bought lunch - fried rice and bbq pork from the chinese deli. I went outside to eat it but bees were harassing me (I wonder if maybe it was my body lotion since I had bee issues at the bus stop too - it's citrusy) so I went inside to eat. Then I spent $20 at the cheesemongers...well technically at 2 cheesemongers. I spent about $16 at Sheffler's Deli (who are finally finished renovations and are sported a snazzy new sign - and yes, they are technically a deli but I buy my cheese there so I think of them as cheesemongers) and bought stuffed olives, capers, cream cheese, jalapeno jack and triple cream brie. Yes, you read that right, triple cream brie. Mmmmmmmmm We won't think about what the fat content in that is. It's too damn good! lol Then I was walking about another cheesemongers when I saw that they had the cranberry cheese that Young Anthony had bought once and I rather liked. So I stopped and bought that! lol I think Piper must know that I brought home a lot of cheese cause she is parked out on my lap right now. Or maybe she just missed me.

Then I went to the Carousel Bakery and bought half a dozen Montreal style bagels. mmmmmmmm After that I stopped at Mike's Fish Market and bought some smoked salmon. I mean I have bagels and capers - it just seemed logical. Although I will say now that I did not manage to buy any red onions on my travels so I'll have to run to the store later and get some. I will also mention here that I forgot when I bought all this that I don't have a toaster so I will either have to make a run to Kitchen Stuff Plus tomorrow or use the oven. lol Right across from the fish market was St. Lawrence Ice Cream and Pizza. They make fresh pasta so I bought some fresh whole wheat spaghettini (actually it's a bit wide for spaghettini...it may be fettucini...). Then I stopped at Future Bakery for a sourdough baguette. I do need something to eat with that cheese after all.

After that I ran downstairs to the Everyday Gourmet. I was planning to buy coffee but I couldn't decide what I wanted. There were just too many choices! Oh Denise - the $50/lb coffee was some type of Blue Mountain coffee. I couldn't get close enough to see any further than that. I was personally looking at the fair trade organic coffee but I really couldn't decide. The stuff from Peru looked good but it said it had fruity aromas - do i want fruity aromas in my coffee? So I'll have to wait until next week or something to get coffee. Hopefully at some point when they are not so busy and there is someone I can ask for help. Oh, and I need to add a coffee grinder to my wish list.

Then it was across the street to the North Market. The North Market is the farmer's market section. I had fun there. It's always fun seeing what people actually grow. I bought a basket of bell peppers (including a *purple* pepper!), italian tomatoes (and I was really tempted to buy some heirloom tomatoes but I didn't...), fresh green beans, potatoes, and a few zucchinis (all for about $11). I bought most things from different vendors. I really wanted to buy some fruit but I couldn't carry it without crushing it.

After all that I decided that I needed to get something to wash it all down with. So I popped across the street to buy a couple of bottles of red wine, Masi Valpollicella and Jackson-Triggs Mertiage. Which reminds me, if I go to kitchen stuff plus tomorrow I must price wine racks as well. I have room on the counter for one. :) Oh and a larger juice pitcher because mine isn't big enough (can't only add 1.5 cans of water to the concentrate instead of all 3). So I'll have a chance later to try out my new fancy corkscrew (similar to this) and my wine goblets.

Now I just need to decide what I want to eat! I still have leftovers from the Indian place Lav and I went to yesterday (so good and spicy!). I have chicken in the fridge that I need to cook soon, since it *finally* defrosted. I have stuff to make nachos. Soooooo many choices.

But I must say, it's so damn nice to have a WHOLE fridge all to myself. A big fridge too!!!