I'm never sure how to react when people ask me for ID or if I'm old enough to be ordering a beer. lol I was out for dinner with Jon tonight at what may now be my local pub. We were on the rooftop patio and apparently the waitstaff were questioning among themselves if I was old enough to be there (legal age in Ontario is 19). When I ordered my beer I was asked how old I was. I replied with, "Um, I'm 26." The waitress was very surprised. lol Apparently I was having a very young looking day today.

I went out and rented some movies earlier. I think I'll pop one in soon. :) It's nice being near to a Blockbuster again, even if the girl who served me was cranky about me not having anything with my new address on it. Hello! I just told you 30 seconds earlier that I moved two days ago. How often do you have mail that soon? sheesh!