Moving Part 2

Thursday – Moving Day

6:30am – Get up after a really crappy, crappy night of sleep. Or rather night of little sleep. I was sore and tired and cold because the new apartment is much cooler than my old one and I really didn’t have enough clothes or enough blankets or something. Have a nice hot shower.

7:00am – Leave wonderful new apartment to return to the Apartment From Hell – hopefully for the last time. Stop to buy coffee and a rice krispie squre. Drink coffee on subway. mmmmmm

8:10 – Arrive at Apartment from Hell.

8:30-9:40 – Finish packing, clean, sweep, take clothing to donations box across the street (two trips), clean out fridge, wash last of (my) dishes. Take stuff out to recycling bin and accidentally throw out my keys as well. Track down assistant super who fishes my keys of the bin. Movers call and say they will arrive in 30 minutes.

10:40 – Movers finally arrive. They were delayed because of construction and traffic.

10:40 – noon? 12:30? – Pack up truck. Hand in keys. Do a final sweep of old bedroom.

12:30-1:00 – Drive to new place with movers. They smoke a lot. Hey – it’s their truck, they can do what they want.

1:00-1:45 – Unpack the truck. It’s much faster because in the old apartment there was a *super* long hallway. I swear you could practice sprints down that thing. It was longer than some gyms I’ve been in .

1:45-4:00 – Unpack stuff. Have to clear the way for cable and internet hookup the next day. Call Lav at some point who promised to come over and help me the next day. .

4:00-5:00 – Eat lunch/dinner. Wash sheets. More unpacking. Kitchen is mostly unpacked at this point.

5:00-6:00 – Go to grocery store for some groceries. Buy stuff to make nachos but am too tired that night to make nachos. Plus chicken is still frozen (brought over from Apartment From Hell).

6:00-8:30 – Finish unpacking kitchen. Make bed. Unpack books. (Kitchen and books always come first because they take up the most boxes…).

8:30-9:30 – Make decaf tea. Read. Have a hot bath.

9:30 – BED.