End of the moving updates...Moving Part 3


6:30am – Wake up even though alarm not set until after 8. Makes sense though because I went to bed really early last night. Feel kinda crappy because have not been taking allergy meds and I have been dealing with dusty boxes and cleaning fluids.

7:15 – Get out of bed to feed Piper. Crawl back into bed.

7:30 – Get up and have nice long hot shower.

8:00 – Make breakfast (cereal with blueberries and a cup of coffee).

8:30 – Start a load of laundry.

9:00 – Move laundry to dryer. Cable guy shows up. He wasn’t supposed to be here until between 11-2. Good thing I did all that unpacking last night and moved everything out of the way! AND he’s going to hook up my phone line today too! Yay!

9:00-10:00 – Unpack.

10:00 – Lav arrives! Yay!!!

10:00-1:00 – Lav and I unpack things. She makes me get rid of some towels that I don’t need (I NEED) people to do this for me cause otherwise I won’t do it. They are in a bag waiting for me to drop them off at the humane society. Internet, cable and phone are completely hooked up. J

1:00-3:30 – Take Lav out to lunch at a yummy vegetarian Indian place pretty close to my new place. Let’s just say they don’t skip on the spices! Very yummy though. I have leftovers. Lav and I hit a bargain store and the dollar store. We each get mattress pads for our beds. lol

3:45 – now – Home again, minus Lav. Call Roger’s too make sure that long distance was set up before I start making calls. It wasn’t but now it is. Check email, get up to date on blogs, post on the smiely board. J

Now – bed – No idea. Try to relax a bit. Play with the TV. Try to figure out what channels I do and do not get right now (I have some weird promotional thing with cable so I get lots of channels now…).

So I’m in. I’m in pretty good shape. Still a fair bit of unpacking to do but not to bad when you consider that I’ve only been here for about 27 hours. I haven’t made a trip to the LCBO yet so no booze. L And I would kill for a massage right about now. But I did buy myself flowers yesterday which are pretty and make the place feel homey.

Oh in case anyone is wondering - my cell number still works but I really, really don't get reception in this apartment. Email me if you need my new number. :) I'll send out a mass email with my new number and address soon.