Diary of a Moving Blogger...Part 1

None of my neighbours are nice enough to supply me with a wireless connection that I can jump on to so this will have to be posted later.

2:30 – Log off work 2 hours early with the permission of my supervisor.
2:45 – Wrench something in my shoulder while attempting to get something from under my bed. Swear a lot for the next 10 minutes. In case anyone is wondering – it still hurts.
2:45-3:45 – Frantically pack, deconstruct things, sweep, clean and then decide it’s good enough for me to leave the Apartment From Hell for the day. I will have about an hours worth of stuff to do tomorrow before the movers arrive.
3:45-3:50 – Garbage run. Includes Piper’s old litter box because, like me, she has a brand new bathroom waiting for her at the new place.
3:50-3:55 – Struggle to get Piper insider her duffle bag cat carrier.
4:00 – Lock door of Apartment From Hell and skip merrily away. Ok, not really. It’s hard to skip when you are have a laptop backpack stuffed as full as humanly possible on your back, a cat in a duffle bag on one shoulder and a bag full of possessions that you *need* for the night in the other hand.
4:10 – Get on bus and almost take someone out with my backpack as I attempt to sit down. She forgives me when she sees the cat. The cat is the key to politeness on public transit. I’ve tried this in two cities now, it works. Or maybe it’s just Piper. She’s very quiet when she travels.
5:00 – Finally arrive at Queen station. The TTC was ssslllllllllooooooowwwwwwww today.
5:30 – Get off streetcar. It’s raining. Cannot use my umbrella because it’s in backpack and I have no spare hands. Damn. I get damp but not soaked.
5:35 – Inside new wonderful apartment! Yay! Piper immediately runs to check out new bedroom. I told y’all she was a smart cat. Bitchy, but smart (and no comments from the peanut gallery about acorns and trees).
5:40- Leave new wonderful apartment to go to corner store to buy something bubbly to drink because my tummy is unhappy and to the pet store to get kitty litter.
5:50- Back in new wonderful apartment.
5:50-6:00 – Feed Piper. Hang up pretty new shower curtain and liner. Sit in tub to see how much I can stretch out in it. It’s not bad but I’m going to need a nice comfy bath pillow. I saw a nice one at Kitchen Stuff Plus that I may get…
6:00-6:10 – Walk to grocery store and talk to my mommy on the phone. Get off phone at bank so I can take out money for move. Leave bank and call mommy back because I was rude to her when I got off the phone. Apologize for being rude and tell her there was a sketchy panhandler hanging around outside the bank. She forgave me.
6:10-6:30 – Grocery store. Bought cleaning supplies and food to eat tonight. Forgot to buy Windex. Also forgot that this is one of those bring you own bag places so had a bum two from the cashier who glared at me. Bite me bitch. I’ve had a busy day.
6:30-6:40 - Walk home (HOME!!!!!!!!!). Get cut off by cabbie while crossing the street. He waves to apologize. I wave back with my middle finger.
6:40-7:00 - Eat (ham and cheese on a roll with dessert of Lime Tostitos. Mmmm). Put wet pants in dryer that is *right outside my door*!!!!!!!!1
7:00-7:20 – Write this.

I didn’t even mention the argument I had with the Pothead who thinks the sun shines out of her ass. J

Plan for tonight – clean floors and cupboards. Inflate air mattress. Take a bath.

Plan for tomorrow – get up at 6:30. Out the door by 7 with a stop at the coffee shop for java…mmmmm coffeeeeeee. Should be at Apartment From Hell by 8 or 8:30. Pack/clean. Movers arrive at 10. Chaos shall ensue shortly afterwards. Get HOME sometime. More chaos. Then unpacking. Yuck!

9:30 Update

7:20-9:00 – clean, clean and clean. Oh and inflate the air mattress. I’m so happy that I have one that you can use a hair dryer to inflate. I more or less got everything done that I wanted to. I only got the lower cupboards cleaned though. I need a chair or stepladder to reach the top ones. The kitchen is taller than the rest of the apartment. It’s a basement apartment so the ceilings are kinda low but with the recessed lighting they feel taller. I must remember to warn the redhead about this should she ever come visit.

9:00-9:20 – BUBBLE BATH. Bubble baths are like my most favourite thing ever. I firmly believe that a bubble bath, a trashy book and a glass of chilled Chardonnay can solve all of my personal woes. In fact, I love that combination so much that it is how I rang in the New Year – in my bathtub. Only I brought a bucket full of ice into the bathroom and chilled a whole damn bottle of wine. Which was a good idea because at one point the glass slipped into the tub. I’m pretty sure that was Chardonnay…there is a distinct possibility that it may have been White Zinfandel though… And what trashy book??? Good question…I think it was the Corset Diaries by Katie McAllister but I’m not positive (trashy but entertaining I tell ya).

9:30 – Mr. Mikey phoned! Yay. Mr. Mikey is what I’ve taken to calling him since he got hitched. It works for me. lol He just wanted to know if I needed anything and to let me know that I should call him if I need help with the move, etc. Very sweet of him. Especially as I gave him shit for a good 30 minutes the other night about not wearing a wedding ring (long story, some sort of messed up family tradition of his forefathers). Luckily he’s known me for a long time and doesn’t take it personally when I give him shit. Also, he’s one of those lawyer types. They like arguing. Although I think Mikey prefers to be on the offense rather than defence…

I think tomorrow may call for a trip to the LCBO. There is one close by. I have huge those wine goblets that will need to be tested out…if I can find what box they are in. Ohhhh and I have my funky new corkscrew too. I know which box that is in. lol I also have margarita glasses but margaritas are more of social drink for me. Plus I don’t have ice cube trays. And I really have no idea which box my cocktail shaker is in.

If anyone wants to give me a housewarming gift I have a few suggestions:
Bubble bath – Johnson’s Calming Baby is a favourite. Mmm lavender.
Wine – I’m easy. I like most red wines. Slightly pickier when it comes to whites in that I predominantly like Chardonnays.
If you are feeling generous – tequila!!!
If you are feeling really, really generous – a gift certificate for a full body massage. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

On that note…I’m going to bed. Right after I go and check to see what trouble Piper is getting into.

In case anyone was wondering - Piper wasn't into any trouble. She was lying the middle of the empty room looking very satisfied with her new kingdom.