Two More Sleeps

It's only two more sleeps until MOVING DAY. Only one of those sleeps will be in this apartment. I'm taking Piper over tomorrow night so she can get used to the place. (Ohhhhhhh it should be fun introducing her to the TTC...)

Tonight I must PACK. I can't decide if I'm more behind or more ahead than I think I am... The kitchen at least is packed.

I just found out today that I'm being temporarily loaned out to another team until the new year. I have 1.5 weeks to finish up what I can on my current project and then it will be passed off to someone else. The team I'm being moved to is pretty new as well so that's a comfort. And there about 4 of us from my team being loaned out. So I'll know some people on the team. But I've just gotten used to my new team lead! And I'll be lost without our mentor person whom I run to every couple of days with a question. And I've just started to understand what our project *is*! lol

I'm sure it will be fine. And I don't hate change. It can be good. I'll learn more about the company and will "meet" more people in our company. But it's *scary*.

Ok, time to start doing laundry. Boo!