Brown Bagging it is Better...

At least according to this Globe and Mail article.

Why is this surprising to people? Most of what my school sold in junior high in high school was fried and/or dripping grease. The healthy option being frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream.

My elementary school didn't have a real hot lunch program per se. We had soup available every day. We also had a big milk program. Soft drinks were not available. The only other thing that was sold daily were cheese and crackers. Although I seem to recall a soybean phase there for awhile... Friday was hotdog day. So pretty much everyone brown bagged it. And we had rules about what could be brought in our lunch - no chips or chocolate bars or candy. It wasn't perfect because we could bring the really sugary "fruit snacks" and chocolate covered granola bars. But I ate a heck of a lot better than I did in jr. high and high school when I could buy a "hot" lunch of french fries. Actually most days lunch was a bag of chips and a pop. Sometimes along with a chocolate bar.

I just don't get why this is news? Isn't it just common sense? All you have to do is look at most school's menus to see that most of them are unhealthy. It's not rocket science.