I'm sleepy today due to a late night last night. I'm not used to get getting home at 2.

I move in 4 days. :) Because I'm taking Piper over the night before I'll stay at the new place that night so only 3 more nights here! Woohoo!

I will not miss having to hear the pothead have sex. I will not miss having to listen to her rant on about her boyfriend that she broke up with and got back together with 3 days later (this has happened every week for the last month - maybe longer). I really don't *get* people who constantly break up and get back together... I will not miss her exceptionally grating and loud voice and laugh.

I will not miss watching three cats being neglected. One of the cats was going nuts the other day so I gave them water. The must not have had water for a few days because one of them put their head in the water bowl immediately. I checked 5 minutes later and it was still drinking.

I am looking forward to having a bathroom that I can clean and it will stay clean until I make it messy. Or Piper sheds all over it. She likes to play in the bathtub. Sometimes she runs around in it. Sometimes she just goes in there and stares at the walls and meows at them. I think she likes the echoes. Yes, my cat is weird.

I am looking forward to seeing all of my kitchen stuff again. I miss all my baking supplies. Although I left my mixing bowls in Montreal because they weighed a bloody ton. So I need to buy new bowls (hmmm maybe I'll price them when I go to Kitchen Stuff Plus again...actually maybe I'll do that today). I'll be able to bake bread again. Mmmm french loaves, sour dough, raisin bread...

Ok, enough rambling for now. I need to get something to eat although I really don't want to go out to the kitchen right now because the pothead and her loser (ex)boyfriend are there.