Train blogging returns

It was too good to last. My last few trips on the train have been peaceful. Nice quiet people around me. This is shaping out to be the annoying people train ride. The people who don't stop talking train ride. I'm in a window seat and the girl across the aisle won't stop talking! And it's not quiet chit-chat either. Everything she says is being heard by at least 6 rows of seats. Annoying! The group of foreign travellers who are all together who were quiet loud when we first got on the train have at least been fairly quiet since we left Montreal. I was fairly certain they were going to be loud.

I'm on the train heading back to Toronto. I still have some issues calling Toronto "home". I hate my apartment and my roomies and I hate having to call that place home. Although I suppose my bedroom is truly "home" - I spend about 98% of my time actually in the apartment in my room. I miss my cat. I'm sure she's going to alternate between the "I'm so happy your home to pay attention to me" mood and the "where have you been you bitch?" mood.

I think I may put in a movie so I can put on headphones so that I don't have to listen to the annoying girl who is now sitting in front of me for some reason. Sigh

(At least my seatmate stop scratching his balls - that's about all he did for the first 30 minutes.)