I will not kill my roomies

Tolerance level, filters, whatever you want to call them - mine are off or low or non-existent at the moment. The stress of the last few weeks, the time to simmer, the fact that I haven't said anything to my roomies about how much I hate it there since I've moved in - it's over. I have zero tolerance for a hell of a lot of things right now.

And I'm on the train right now, headed back to a shitty situation. I suppose it could be worse. My roomies could be worse. They could abuse my cat instead of neglecting it while I'm away (unproven but they neglect their own cats). Heck, they could abuse their cats instead of neglecting them.

The internet still isn't working. I've called Rogers to set up my own connection. But the cable is in J's name so she has to call and tell them that I am not a crackpot but am in fact her roomie. It's a dependent account even though it's going to be billed completely separately. And to be honest, I'm half expecting her to be a bitch and not call. Or maybe I should say more of a bitch. She won't be able to use it so why the hell should she do anything for it??? The phone is in her name too but the only reason it got fixed so fast is because I freaked out on the phone to Bell on a daily basis for a week. She didn't do a damn thing because it really didn't affect her all that much. And of course they couldn't actually do something so forward as contact me to tell me that the internet was working. That's way too much work/consideration for them. No, I emailed H this morning to see what the story was and that's how I found out. And I'm pretty sure J will be pissed because I left a very blunt letter saying that I'm tired of stressing over things that are supposed to be included in my rent. J has a major anger issue (she is either in or looking into anger management therapy). So I'm sure if she's pissed I'll hear all about it. In fact I'm positive she yelled a blue streak when she saw my note. Tough shit for her. Deal with the damn problem already.

I'm sure the kitchen will be a mess when I get back. I seem to be the only one that really cleans it lately. I'm sure the bathroom will be a mess. I share one with H. It wasn't clean when I moved in and she hasn't lifted a finger to clean the damn thing since I've been living there. So I highly doubt that she's cleaned it while I was gone. Unless of course she's trying to suck up to me but I very highly doubt it.

I'm not doing this to be "poor me". These are just a few of the reasons why I have no tolerance for anything right now. I'm sick of sitting around with my mouth shut because yakking about it won't improve the situation. And I haven't had the funds to get out of it. But now I do. And I'm working on it. But because I know I'm getting out of it I'm actually far less tolerant of things because I've been silently screaming inside for months now about them. And it seems that in allowing myself to be intolerant of my roomies crap right now I've become unable to deal with stuff that would normally annoy me but would be able to ignore.

Then again - maybe I just really need to unwind. This past weekend at the cottage was great. I did nothing but eat, sleep and read. And really, I'm not exaggerating. I have people who can back this up. I ate more this weekend than I think I have in the last two weeks (speaking of which, I still need to rant about the new FX show called Starved...I need to add that to my "things to blog" file). I've gotten a good start on unwinding. I think I need exercise. I think I need margaritas. Or wine. Mmmm a nice glass of wine.

So this week I am going to clean my damn room and clear away enough space to do yoga. I NEED to do it. And if that doesn’t help I'll do that damn bootcamp video. I won't be able to walk or sit properly for two days (squats, lots of squats = sore ass). But maybe my body needs that right now. I know it needs *something* (and Denise I know what you are going to suggest right here and yep, you're probably right about that, lol).

So this week I will:
Not kill my roomies
Not kill my roomies
Go out with friends and eat and have margaritas (or wine or if I go out for sushi - saki)
And not kill my roomies - hell, I'll do my best not to speak to them.
Buy groceries.
Not kill my roomies.

Please remind me that I am not going to kill my roomies. Cause I'm sure I'm going to want to.