Somewhere out there in the GTA there is an 11 year old girl who is getting a surprise. Since I can't find a charity to come take my stuff away I've listed some of it on freecycle.Including my VHS movies. A woman called me today and laid claim on my Disney and most of my teen movies. She just picked them up a few minutes ago. She's a single mom and I know it's tough for single moms so I'm really happy that she got them. And I hope that her little girl enjoys them. And she's promised me that if they have any of the movies that she'll take the duplicates to a woman and children's shelter. :)

And someone is coming tomorrow to pick up my bookshelf and some Ikea shelves tomorrow (not the ones that I said Lav could have - the other ones).

Not that much left to get rid. And if no one claims the coffee table I may take it with me after all.