Mount TBR Update

It's shrunk a bit. And I've switched a lot of my requests to "inactive" which means I will continue to move to the top of the list but they won't call me for a pick up until I'm ready for it. :) I figure by the time I get through these books it will be moving day and I'll be going to my new library (which is part of the same system). I have a lot of books that are due next week but luckily it's a long weekend so I should be able to squeeze in some extra reading.

  1. Under the Duvet - almost done.

  2. Dearly Devoted Dexter - likely will start tonight

  3. Otherwise Engaged - one week loan so must read that soon

  4. Queen bees & wannabees - I must read this before it's due next week

  5. The Rich Part of Life

  6. Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman - will likely only skim unless it turns out to be really engrossing.

  7. Rocket Boys

  8. Yeager, an autobiography

  9. Nickel and Dimed

  10. The Naked Millionaire - yes yet another personal finance book. I'm in my self-education stage ok?