I increasingly find myself with an ever shorter sense of patience lately (amazing but true - it is possible). The urge to shake people, to tell them off, to give friends a kick in the ass is becoming more prevalent.

It's mostly friends actually. I see friends short changing themselves, making unwise money decision (yes, I know, I have to stop reading personal finance books), not dealing with things that they need to deal with. It's not any one friend, it's several.

And I just want to yell at them.

But it would serve no purpose other than to strain friendships and I don't want to deal with the drama.

What's worse is that in most of these cases I know I'm right. I think I'm starting to get a Cassandra complex only unlike her I'm not even bothering to talk. There's no point. I know that in these particular cases it would be like talking to a wall and I do enough of that as it is.