That's my word of the day. Calleen asked me what my definition was and told her to insert her prefered string of expletives. lol

I had a series of frustrating moments today. Nothing serious though. Well there *almost* was. My boss emailed me and told me my document was due this week. *HEART ATTACK* Last I checked it was due in October. After a few frantic moments of double checking things I picked up the phone. The conversation started "Um Boss...I'm pretty sure my document isn't due until October, not this week like your email said. Can you please double check because I'm about to have a heart attack?" But it all worked out. I was right. Which was good because otherwise I would not be sleeping for the next 4 days.

Also frustrating today - I can't find any charities that will come pick up my furniture for me. Well actually - I can't find anyone who will come pick it up before October. So I've joined freecycle and I'm hoping that someone will want my stuff. I hate throwing out perfectly good stuff.

16 days until I move. :)

Happy Birthday TW!!!!!!!!!!!