Things in Montreal are going fairly well. I love the administrative staff in the office I work in. They are just so gosh darned helpful and friendly. Of course that may have something to do with the fact that I was nice to them for about 6 years and since I worked in the department for a couple of them I was a bit of a permanent fixture. I also find it highly amusing that one of the profs that is around doesn't even remember/know that I was in one of her classes (it was a big class) but remembers me as Mike's cat sitter/Mike's lab assistant/course pack girl. lol

Training went fairly well yesterday. I had trouble accessing something but was able to get if fixed after the session. Our session today was cancelled about 3o minutes in because of network problems. So I doodled around for a few hours. Made some photocopies for Mike for his course pack (why, why, why can I not escape those blasted things???). Finally gave up on getting a direct answer on what to do and went offline for a half hour to let Mike use his computer (we can't both be on the server at the same time). Which is of course when they decided that we were going to have an immediate training session on something and wham! there is was. My supervisor called and told me so I didn't miss it. Yay! lol. However the entire training session was more or less over my head. Boo.

BUT - I did manage to get in contact with the mentoring person and we did some one on one stuff after the session. It was very helpful. I feel less freaked out about not knowing what is going on. Of course, I'm slightly more freaked out by what I have to do... My first assignment needs to be sent to the editors in about three weeks. It's over 600 pages with 152 of those being effected (umm which ones??? I' m not sure yet) and touches on no less than 6 other documents which are also huge. I'll be doing lots of dry old reading at the cottage this weekend. yay!

Umm what else have I done here??? Been to dinner at R's with Mike and Flash. It was yummy. Saw Kit-Cat briefly. I think we are doing lunch tomorrow aren't we Cat??? Went to my old office briefly and began nagging Zoe to call about apartments because she's homeless and needs to be calling places. I also sent her a bunch of links. I gave her today off but I'll nag her some more tomorrow. Called Fed-Ex about my letter that needs to be delivered (aka my paycheck) and they are rerouting it to Montreal for me. *yay* Just got back from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - it was good. I'm sure to have slightly odd dreams tonight.

Umm I think that is it for now...