The Countdown Continues

17 days people!

In 17 days I will no longer have to share a bathroom with a pothead that doesn't clean and gets up late making *me* late for work. Even though I work from home I keep standard hours and I'm not fully awake in the mornings until I shower. And I do not appreciate being made late for my day. It throws me of and when Monkey's cranky ain't nobody happy.

Also - the garbage in the kitchen is still overflowing. Am I going to give in a clean it up? Probably. I'm not sure yet to be honest. lol Oh and the lesbians topped it off with their chicken wing containers so it's both the pothead and the lesbians contributing to this apparently.

Today I was able to cross another item off my to do moving list. I called Rogers and set up for moving to my new place. I'll have internet right away but it's going to take them another 10 days before they can set up my phone. :( I can manage with my cell but I want to know what I did to piss off the phone gods.