Shacking Up - Why did I not get this as a grad gift?

shacking upI'm flipping through Nice Girls Don't Get Rich since I don't have time to read it all the way through. I wanted to check out what books she recommends and one was Shacking Up by Stacy Whitman and Wynne Whitman. I've added it to my library list. If I like it I'm so sending a copy to my chickie who as of yet has not lived in sin but is definitely thinking about it (her boytoy's parents are very Christian and don't approve).

But seriously - why didn't any give me this as a high school grad gift? lol Cause really, what were the odds that I'd finish university without living with someone? This is me we're talking about. Honestly, if I like this I may add it to my list of grad gifts.

Maybe it would have prevented me from the disaster that was the Evil Ex which resulted in me getting stuck with an apartment I couldn't afford to keep and couldn't afford to move out of.

Note: This is booked is apparently aimed at heterosexual childless women according to the editorial review on