Weekend stuff

It's been a quiet but nice weekend. Friday night I stayed in and vegged in front of the tv (What not to Wear and Numb3rs - I've decided that I really, really like Numb3rs).

Yesterday I got my weekend Starbucks fix, went to the St. Lawrence Market with Jon, stopped for a beer after the market, went to Indigo (where I can *always* find something to buy but managed to walk out only with a sudoku puzzle book - very excellent behavior for me) and went to a small Italian restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is ok...I'm not sure I'd go back. Discovered a little cafe called Tequila Bookworm. I want to check it out in the daytime at some point.

Got up earlyish today and had a Montreal Style Bagel that I bought at the Market. It was pretty tasty. Not as good as a real Montreal Style Bagel but way better than the crap they have in the store.

I headed off to Ikea. I really rather enjoyed it -aside from the shrieking child I encountered just inside the entrance. First of all, I love that Ikea runs a shuttle bus between the subway station to Ikea. The Ikea in Montreal was practically impossible to get to without a car (ie. it was possible but complicated and took a very, very, very long time - so much so that I've never heard of anyone actually doing it). Also, it was the only time that I've ever been to Ikea all by myself. I really, really enjoyed that. I went there with two purposes. First, I wanted to scope out some future big purchases (sofa, tv stand and maybe a new bed...). Secondly I wanted to pick up some small things for the new place.

In the first task - I think I decided what loveseat I want to eventually buy. It's really comfy. I just need to decide what slipcover I want. Oh and I need to save up some money. lol ;-) If I decide to get a new bed (something I've been thinking about for while) I've decided which I want and it's actually on sale and hopefully will be for a long time. lol It's really affordable. In theory I should probably get a loveseat first because I need it more but I have a contingency plan for seating... And I found a couple of tv stands that I like. Again - not something that I'm getting any time soon but it's nice to look.

And for the things that I actually bought - I went in with a list. I deviated from it a bit but overall I did really well. I only spent about $50 which is the least amount I've spent at Ikea *ever*. I really was only picking up small things - dish rack, cutlery insert for the kitchen drawer, a mat for in front of the kitchen sink, cutting boards, some tea towels, and few other things. I pretty much have everything I need for the new kitchen except a garbage can (and I already know where I'm getting that) and cleaning supplies (which I will buy at the grocery store by the new place). I still need some stuff for the bathroom (shower curtain, bathmat and waste basket) and then I think I'll have all my immediate needs covered for the new place. :)

18 days and counting!!!