Pampered Chef

I just finished this book. I found it really interesting. When I used to be over at iVillage a lot of my board members used to rave on and on about Pampered Chef products. So when I saw this book I thought I'd read up about it (I actually like reading company histories, I read one about Harlequin about a year ago).

I found it really interesting. It's amazing to think that the start up costs for this company were $3000 that they borrowed against their life insurance and that is the only borrowing they did.

I'm sure it's the type of thing that I could potentially spend a lot of money on. Luckily for me I don't know anyone one that sells it and have never been to a party in my life. And I never have to worry about having one because I don't know enough people to make it worth it. lol

I'll just continue to spend all my money at Kitchen Stuff Plus. ;-)

I just checked my library account and I'm unable to renew two of the books that are due tomorrow. I have to chose between reading Nice Girls Don't Get Rich and Echoes. I figure I won't finish either of them but Nice Girls seems like it would be easier to skim through.