Another roomie rant

Arg! So I haven't been home since yesterday morning. I took out the garbage on Friday night. The bag was practically empty yesterday morning when I left. It's now overflowing. Why is it that they can't take out the fucking garbage??? Really, why? It really, really bothers me because since I actually, you know, cook *real* food it's all their stupid takeout boxes that fill it up every single day. And even when the do cook - it's stuff like Kraft Dinner and frozen skillet meals (occaassionally hamburger helper). I'm so goddamned sick of cleaning up the kitchen. I really don't mind cleaning up after myself but I'm sick of cleaning up after them.

I think the main culprit is the pothead (but I'm not positive). She's going to be living on her own for the first time when she movers. I wonder how she'll explain away her mess when she can't blame it on everyone else.


18 days...just 18 days.