Insert Expletive Here

So I actually had a really good evening. I met up with Lav and we went down to Harbourfront Centre to see the Ballet on the Water show. It was nice although we didn't get there early enough to get good seats. We could have found good standing areas but instead decided to get food and had some very yummy crepes. What we could see of the show was good although there were a number of annoying people. Like the guy who kept standing up on what looked to be a motorized wheelchair. I wanted to throw something at him. I honestly wish I had a dart gun.

ummmmmm yeah - I don't have a lot of patience with stupid people in crowds.

I do have to say as much I love a man in a kilt - I don't know that I love a male ballet dancer in a kilt. Totally obscured all the nice thigh muscles that the white tights show off so well. There's something to be said for thigh muscles whose definition you can see more than 100 feet away...

So nice evening with Lav. The ride home wasn't bad at all. No exceptionally annoying, freaky or smelly people. I was in a good mood.

And then I got home. And no - for at change it's not my roomies that set me off. It's my stupid freakign cat. For some reason Piper decided that the water glass on my bedside table would be fun to drink out of. And of course she promptly spilled it - all over my freaking bed. My two good pillows, my sheets and my blankets are all wet on one edge. It was 11 pm when I got home. I don't have the energy to find my other set of sheets and change them. Plus I don't like the other sheets. And my pillows would still be wet. So I'm planning to sleep pressed up against the wall where it's dry. Needless to say it put me in a bad mood and someone is now in the doghouse.

Then I went to the bathroom and stepped into a puddle because the pothead can't be bothered to dry herself off before stepping out of the shower. She just leaves puddles all over the fucking place. Which are unavoidable because there is just enough room to turn around in that damn room. Then while I'm in the bathroom Piper is crying at the bedroom door. So lesbians stupid fudking mean cat decides to start attacking the bedroom door causing me to come out and yell at it. I didn't even venture into the kitchen because I know that the roomies did not take out the garbage. Which is filled full of their fucking take out containers. Potheads nearly empty bottle of diet coke is still on the coffee table in the living room. I'm so fucking sick of cleaning up after them in the kitchen.

You want to know what the topper of all this is? The water in Piper's waterbowl was fresher than the water in the glass. I changed it tonight when I fed her. Guess what she's doing right now? Drinking out of her water bowl. sigh. She's so damned lucky she's cute.

Edited to add: Roomie now has someone here. It's getting close to midnight. If they are loud I'm likely to take one of my atlatl darts and shove it through her goddamn skull.

Oh and the wet spot on the bed is offending Piper because it's in one of the spots where she likes to sleep. Stupid damn cat.