The Right Stuff

You got the right stuff baby
You’re the reason why I sing this song

errrrrrrrr sorry. Wrong "Right Stuff". I had a brief flashback to childhood...

This is would be The Right Stuff that I mean to talk about. A book about astronauts, not the bad, yet horrifically catchy, song by a bunch of guys with bad hair.

I saw the movie years ago. I've always kinda wanted to read the book. I don't have much to say. The movie basically tells you a lot of what goes on. I didn't really learn much more from the book. But if you haven't seen the movie and are interested in learning some of the history of the American space program I'd recommend it.

This has kicked off a bit of space/rocket phase for me though. Two of the books in Mount TBR deal with various aspects of the space program. Well Yeager not as much - although he was the man who break the sound barrier. And hey - if you didn't know that, you just learned something new today.