Moving, moving, moving!

I'll be moving in just under a month. SCARY!

Ummm I HATE moving. Hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. And yet I'll be doing it twice in less than a year. At least I'm not moving to an entirely new city this time though. And I've actually seen the neighbourhood I'm moving to. And I like it.

I had my second viewing/meeting the other landlord/giving a deposit meeting today. I got there early so I wandered around for awhile and figured out exactly where I was. As some of you may know, where I live right now sucks. And for a change I'm not talking about the roomies or their cats. lol The only thing close to me is the library. The only think convenient is that a bus goes by at least every 10 minutes and it runs 24 hours. Other than that - it sucks.

Now this new place - I'm still close to a library (3 blocks away I think). I'm closer to a grocery store and a bank (both about the same distance as the library but in a different direction). There is a pet store, a vet and an animal hospital all within blocks of me. I'm close to an LCBO (liquor store cause I know that some of you won't know what it is). There's also a Blockbuster AND a movie theatre close by (10 minute walk - if that). There's also a gym beside the movie theatre and I'm going to check and see if they have yoga classes since my apartment may actually be too small for me to do much in terms of exercise. I'm about 20 minutes away from downtown, a hell of a lot closer than I am now.

I'm not very close to a Starbucks though Denise. I'll survive though - and my wallet will probably be healthier because of it.

Oh and if anyone from Toronto actually reads this - I need mover recommendatiosn.