Arg. I freaking hate roomies...

I can't stand passive-aggressive fuckheads. Pothead roomie is ranting about the kitchen being dirty and how she's not going to clean up after "them" anymore. I'm not entirely sure I'm included in this rant as she said something about "their three cats" - that doesn't include mine and mine is not allowed out of the room without me present so I'm inclined to think not.

Anyway - she doesn't clean a fucking THING. Most often she is the one that leaves dishes lying in the sink for days. She tends to forget about them. I think it's one of the effects of all the pot she smokes (which she had been off of for awhile but now seems to be back on). And don't even get me started on the bathroom we share that she has NEVER cleaned since I moved in (which was in February and trust me - it wasn't clean then either). And since we all know that she doesnt' clean a fucking thing but loves to bitch about it - it doesn't give any of us much incentive to keep the place spotless.

That being said - seeing as the lesbians cats are responsible for most of the mess in the living room (it's obviously cat hair) - and I never use it - it seems logical that they should clean it. Meh. Whatever.

But the good news is......

I don't have to put up with them too much longer becasue I FOUND AN APARTMENT!!!

It's small. I'll admit that. But it's cute. And it's clean. It has a lots of cupboard space in the kitchen which is a major selling point for me. What's up with 1 bedroom apartments not having any cupboard space? Do people think we can't cook??? I like the neighbourhood. For those of you who keep thinking that the big bad wolf is out to get me - there is a police station two blocks away. Um it's small. lol Actually the bedroom isn't bad. But the kitchen/living area is pretty small. The bathroom is about standard. Laundry is included. woohoo! My own washer and dryer again (sort of - I have to share with the tenants in the other two units - but it's right outside *my* door).

I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

(but um...I did mention that it's small right???)