Ummm did I hear that right???

I was at the St. Lawrence Market yesterday. We had finished our lunch and were about to start shopping for mussels for dinner when I said I needed to buy my tea first. I absolutely love Twinings Lady Grey tea (which they consider to be an afternoon tea but I drink it in the morning - yum). There is a small store on the bottom level. I believe it's called something like "The Everyday Gourmet". I like to buy my tea there because it's slightly cheaper and they have it in both regular and decaf. I'm sensative to caffeine so it's really nice to be able to have decaf when I'm feeling tea-ish but it's evening.

So I grab my two boxes of tea and head to the counter. The lady is helping someone else pick out some coffee right by the cash. No biggie. As I'm standing less than two feet away so I can't help hearing them. The customer is going on about how someone loves coffee, his one thing that he does every morning is make his one cup of coffee in his french press. She seemed very excited about finding this particular type of coffee for him. I didn't think much of it because well I get people really liking their coffee/tea/food/whatever. She decided on a pound of coffe and the lady measures it out for her. Then I hear the lady say, "Ok, that will be $50." Um, $50??? Did I hear correctly??? One pound of coffee for $50.

I wasn't able to see what type of coffee it was without obviously staring. I told Jon about it when I went out. We're going to go in next time and see what type of coffee this is...