Red Flags

I read this article the other morning on the subway when I was coming home. Anyone want to make a guess about it reminded me of????

I've copied some of their red flags here...

  • Becomes very serious too quickly without really knowing her - yep

  • Discusses marriage and wants to have children soon – not marriage but living together, yep

  • Talks openly or crudely about sex-usually on the first date – openly, yep but not really crudely

  • Inquires whether she was sexually abused as a child – nope

  • Pushes for sexual involvement — usually after first or second date - yep

  • Arbitrarily admits to having assaulted his previous partner(s) and expects praise for being truthful about it - no

  • Lacks remorse for hurting someone and typically diminishes the severity of injury he caused the victim while exaggerating his own suffering and pain – not at first but later, yep

  • Blames others for his bad actions, yet takes credit for doing something good – triple yep

  • Wants to keep in constant contact, including showing up unexpectedly at places she frequents, or he drops by unannounced with gifts - nope

  • Prefers spending time alone with her - yep

  • Finds faults with her friends and family and doesn't want her seeing them alone – nope

7 out of 11. What the fuck was I on when I was dating this guy??? And why didn't any of you kick me in the ass??? Oh wait...none of you knew me then. Never mind! lol