Blogging on the train

Greetings. I'm broadcasting live from aboard Via Rail. I'm picking up Via's free wireless connection. I'm not supposed to be able to get it in economy class but our car normally serves as one of the first class cars. Maybe that's why.

I'll be arriving in Montreal in about 1.5 hours. I have about an 30 minutes of juice left in my laptop battery. I just finished watching Mean Girls. It's a good train movie. Older people walking buy were amused by my movie watching.

Internet is down again at home. Supposed to have been remedied by now but isn't. So I'm on my way to Montreal. Mike is kindly allowing me to use his office tomorrow. I will not be able to pick up a wireless connection on that floor so I'll have to steal his LAN cord and password. But I'll have internet and phone and if for some reason the internet doesn't work there is an entire department at the university dedicated to fixing such things. :)

I told my roomies that if the internet isn't fixed when I get back I'm going to call Rogers and get my own private connection installed. Likely wireless. And I'll password protect it so that they can't use it. I'm so sick of putting up with their shit.

Anyway, I had a complete meltdown today when the internet wouldn't work. So I ran away - funded by Mike because my paycheck didn't show up last week. It should show up this week and my roomie is going to deposit it for me. It's the least she can fucking do really.

Haven't decided when I'm going back to TO. Probably Friday or Saturday although it's very tempting to stay until Monday and spend the weekend at the cottage. But I feel guilty about leaving Piper in the hands of idiots. We'll see.

And this ends the train post. Thank you Via.