Montreal Day 3

Finally had a decent night's sleep. Still woke up way too early. Showered. Mike went into the office. Flash and I sat around and read the paper and watched the news. Around 11 I went up the hill to the crazy dep that looks like the inside of a submarine to buy beer for the bbq and a sub from Subway. When I got back to the apartment Calleen had called so I called her back. She was home in PEI. :) We chatted for a few minutes about my job offer (she works for the same company). I watched some more tv and then it was time to go meet Carissa, Mary and Penn and lead them to Cat's place. I was meeting them in front of the Hard Rock Cafe so I left early and made a quick stop at Boustan for a veggie pita. mmmmmmm They have the BEST veggie pitas.

I munched on my pita while waiting for the dynamic trio. They showed up on time and then off to the subway we went. I informed the veg-heads that they should try a Boustan veggie pita sometime before the weekend was over. lol It started to rain on the way to the subway. Penn doesn't like to get rained on - I don't blame him. Luckily we didn't have far to walk.

Mary and Carissa are very good at maneuvering the stroller on escalators and stairs. I was impressed. The subway trip was nice and easy since we didn't have to change lines. And by the time we got back outside it had finished raining. It was another short walk to Kit-Cat's place.
The first thing I did when I walked into Cat's place was ignore everyone and pet Annie. lol Well, I yelled out "hello!" and then ignored everyone to pet Annie. Cat has already talked about the bbq a lot so I won't but I will say that the potato salad was very yummy. I meant to beg for the recipe but I forgot. Shawn was manning the bbq and was glued to it for about the first hour. There were lots and lots of yummy burgers and hot dogs.

Eventually people started to thin out and the remaining few of us headed down to the Old Port. Cindy refused to try poutine and kept calling cheese curds curdled cheese. I think the next time she's here to visit we should kidnap her and take her on a tour of a cheese factory so she can find out what cheese curds really are. Oddly enough I didn't have any poutine during my visit - or smoked meat (Jon can't believe that I didn't have either of them...).

We eventually got rained on and I was tired and cold and had a headache. I went with Cindy and Val to the subway. It was Cindy's first time ever on a subway. Exciting. She took pictures to prove it but forgot to put herself in any of them. lol Then I left them to go home and sleep. I had the whole apartment to myself since Mike and Flash had left for their cottage in Vermont. Sleep is good.