Montreal Day 2

I woke up insanely early. I find that I don't sleep well the first night in a new place. It's a pain in the ass when I'm only spending one night at a place. Also it was my first night contending without a/c in a long time. I eventually got up at about 7:45 and got all showered and clean. Got dressed and watched some news. Then around 9am I headed out. My first stop was the McGill Bookstore where I popped in to see some people I used to work with. Mainly the guys in shipping. I hung around there for awhile and then headed across the street to my old office to see Christine and Zoe (who's real name is Karen but that gets confusing so she's called Zoe). I had prezzies for Christine since I didn't send her any for her birthday. She got some gourmet mustard (maple mustard) and some lavender and a bracelet that I made her (which she liked - yay!). We sat around and chatted for awhile. I got to talk to my old bosses. Then Zoe and I went to the bank because she has finally gotten her income tax check. Yay!

After that I only had about 30 minutes until the wedding rehearsal at Thompson house so I just went back to the bookstore since that's where at least two of the people attending the rehearsal were. Then the bride and groom showed up! yay! I finally got to see Kit-Cat and Boo. Then we all headed up the hill together where we met up with Sandra and met Carissa for the first time. :)

The rehearsal took about 30 minutes and we got pretty much everything figured out. I also made plans to meet up with Carissa (and Penn and Mary) the next day and show them how to get to Kit-Cat's for the bbq. They were staying very close to where I was downtown.

Then I met up with Mike at his office. We went back to the apartment and picked up Flash and headed out for lunch. We ended up going to Nickels for lunch (yes I know I was supporting Celine Dion but we wanted diner-type food). Then it was a quick trip on the subway and we were at the Old Port.

Our first stop was the Basilique Notre-Dame for the St. Peter and the Vatican exhibit. It was interesting. Popes appear to really like emeralds. There was one emerald on one of the papal tiaras that was almost the size of my fist! It was HUGE! It took a few hours to go through the whole exhibit. While I was in there I got a couple of calls on my cell but didn't answer (it was set on vibrate so no, I did not annoy the crap out of the people around me).

After that we wandered down to St-Paul. It's a fun street. Lots of little (but overpriced) restaurants. Stores that sell tourist crap. We went to Excalibor and I showed them my dress for the wedding (the girl working there was PUSHY! She didn't seem to understand I already owned the darn thing!). We wandered through artist's row and I was disappointed about how a lot of it was overpriced crap (sorry but it was). I didn't find any sketches that I liked at all. By that time we were hot and tired so we headed over to Ben and Jerry's for a cone. mmmmmmmm yummy! I noticed that the birds in Place Jacques-Cartier are very bold. They did not seem scared of me at all. lol We headed to Marche Bonsecours. I'm always vaguely disappointed with it. Everything sold there is vastly overpriced. Needless to say we didn't find anything exceptionally tempting there.

By now we were hungry and tired of wandering so off to Chinatown we went. It was very stranger. Usually Chinatown is very busy and full of people and there are all kinds of tables and kiosks on the streets. That day it was EMPTY and quiet. It was a bit strange and disturbing. We went to a yummy place for dinner. I can never remember the name of it but the food is an average price and they cut their carrots into fun butterfly shapes. :) Dinner was yummy and we got a free refill on our pot of tea. The only bad thing about dinner is that there was too much food and since Mike and Flash were going to their cottage and I was going to do weddingy things for the next few days we didn't take home the leftovers.

Now that we were sufficiently stuff we headed home to rest before going to the movies. While I was there I checked my cell phone messages and they told me that I had a job offer. So off the Mike's office we went so I could check my email. Needless to say I was very pleased when I saw the offer and decided I would accept. I called my mommy quickly and told her that I had been given an offer which I think made her year. lol. My mother likes to worry about me a lot.

It was time for the movies so off we went. We saw War of the Worlds. Some strange guy sat next to me and insisted on talking to us for awhile. He thought Mike and Flash were my parents. I've never thought about it but I guess it's an honest mistake. Mike is the same age as my mother. I'm not really going to comment on the movie but will say that I enjoyed it. But I find that I enjoy most movies. I tend to go in with the opposite expectations of most people. Most people I find go to a movie expecting to to be good, great even. I go in expecting it to be crap. I tend to leave the theatre having been better entertained and happier that people who expect it to be good.

After the movie - home and to bed!