Montreal Day 1

Now that I no longer feel like death I thought I'd talk about my trip to Montreal for Cat and Boo's wedding. :)

Montreal Day 1

Day 1 is actually more of an evening. I left my place a bit after lunch. I hate having to take luggage on public transport. But at least it wasn't during rush hour, that really would have sucked. The TTC wasn't crowded at all so I had oodles of room for me and my bags.

I found the Via portion of Union station easy enough. I have to say - compared to the Montreal Via station it looks old and grungy. And there was no air conditioning!!! And it was bloody hot and humid outside. So after picking up my ticket from the self check ticket thingie (I love those things!) I found a Second Cup and eventually managed to get an iced Caramel Coretto. It was far more complicated that it should have been. The staff was a bit overwhelmed due to the fact they are having toonie specials on frozen drinks during the summer. Apparently my iced coffee threw them off.

I then hauled my stuff back to the train station and sat down in a phone booth to use up the minutes on my long distance phone card. I called Mike to let him know that I was getting in on time. Then I called Cat to let her know that everything was going fine. Then I called Chris because I felt like chatting. Then after I had chatted to everyone I could chat with I went and sat down in line and read my book. Eventually it was time to get on the train.

I'm not used to having assigned seats on trains. You don't get an assigned seat when you got from Montreal-Moncton by train which is how I've usually travelled. I'm not sure if I like the assigned seating or not. The trip to Montreal was pretty average. I had a seatmate for about half of the trip. I got nauseous because I hadn't eaten lunch. So I bought a sandwich and all was good.

I finally got into Montreal on time at 7:50. Mike and Flash met me at the station. We took a cab to their place. It's within walking distance but no one wanted to carry my bags up the hill. lol It took all of five minutes to get from the station to their place. I threw my stuff in the spare room/study and dug around for their gifties. And they gave me the stuff that Mike got for me in Jordan - a thingie that you hang on the wall to ward off the evil eye and a nice old chunky silver necklace.

After that we ate. Flash made dinner. Flash makes yummy yummy food. We had a salad (a sort of Cobb salad with various additions and substitutions), deviled eggs and yummy french bread. After dinner Mike attempted to subject me to horrible B movies but I had seen most of the ones in his collection and was too tired to sit through Cannibal the Musical. So we watched the discovery channel. lol

Then it was time for me to good to sleep so the air mattress was inflated and to bed I went. :)