There are many things that people do that I don't understand. Maybe someone can explain this one to me.

In the fridge there is a huge container of Kraft parmesan cheese. It's not mine (I tend to use the fresh stuff). It's almost empty. There may be enough left in it for one bowl of pasta. But my roomie won't use it because she's almost out and then she won't have any because she keeps forgetting to buy more. I don't understand the logic in this. If your not using it you might as well not have any right? I've seen people use the same logic with expensive perfumes, creams, wines, etc. and then oft times when the do get around to using the product it's no longer at it's prime (ok, maybe not with the wine, but you know what I mean) and then they don't enjoy it so it's wasted. And I've noticed people tend to do this most often with expensive items. I understand the reluctance to spend a lot of money on something - that I get (I grew up poor after all). But I don't get spending a bunch of money on something and then NOT using it. To me that seems like a huge waste.

Buy something, use it, enjoy it, savour it. Or if it's something like a container of crappy parmesan cheese just use it already - there's a ton more of it at the store. And if you are afraid you won't remember there is a wonderful thing called a grocery list...

People are weird.