Sunshiney Long Weekend

I'm blogging from my balcony. I think this is the first time I've done that. :)

It's a long weekend. I don't have too much planned. I had originally been thinking about going to the Hot and Spicy food festival today at Harbourfront Centre. But then I got an email from Ninny saying that she's in town and going to the zoo tomorrow. So I'm going to try to meet up with her tomorrow which means I really gotta do laundry today (that reminds me - I need to add a laundry rack to my list of things I need when I move). Not only am I short on clean clothes in general, I'm almost out of clean underwear which almost never happens. The hot and spicy festival goes all weekend so I think I'll go on Monday. :)

I also need to clean my room today. Although the thought of spending even more time in there isn't exactly appealing right now. I spent 98% of my time in there when I'm home. In theory I could hang out in the living room but it's so much easier to avoid my roomies when I'm in there. lol

Ok, off to do some laundry and run to the library. This was a very useless post.